Pilot IMS have a proud track record of delivering apprenticeships throughout the country and we continue to deliver a range of apprenticeship frameworks and standards to our various partner employers.

Learning on the job through an apprenticeship is the ideal way to develop skills, achieve nationally recognised qualifications and enhance future career prospects. Apprenticeships focus on high relevance employability skills and include the continued development of English and maths.

Since the change to funding of apprenticeships in 2017 (Reform Information) we have supported employers to understand the new funding mechanisms sitting behind apprenticeship training and also in sourcing suitable training solutions following the move away from older style NVQ delivery to a new knowledge, skills and behaviours model.

Pilot have also partnered with Nestle UK to set up their Food Preparation Trailblazer Apprenticeship, which has helped put us at the forefront of understanding the new requirements for apprenticeship standards delivery which we in turn share with all our employer partners.

Our current delivery programme includes the following courses:

Qualification Title Level Typical Duration
Business Administrators 3 Between 12 and 18 months
Customer Service Practitioner 2 12 months
Customer Service Specialist 3 15 months
Team Leader/Supervisor 3 Between 12 and 18 months
Operations/Departmental Manager 5 Between 12 and 18 months
Improvement Technician 3 Between 14 and 18 months
Food and Drink Advanced Process Operator 3 Between 18 and 24 months
Supply Chain Warehouse Operative 2 12 months
Business Improvement Techniques (Framework) 2 12 months

We are always open to exploring new delivery options, so should you have a need beyond our current curriculum then please do get in touch.

For a visit from one of our team or for more information please call 0121 794 0230 or email