NEETS is a free learner-led service providing education, employability and personal skills to young people, tailored to individual needs. Aimed at those who are looking for a genuine alternative to school or college, NEETS provides motivational experiences leading to new skills and nationally recognised qualifications, that enable young people to build their self confidence and make a positive change in their lives. To find our more please contact us today if you are either looking as a parent or learner.


Believe in yourself and achieve your potential.

Are you aged 15-24 & live in the Burton and Uttoxeter area? This programme is tailored to you. We will be the ones to help you achieve new skills and experiences while meeting new people and growing in self-confidence. Our relaxed, friendly and supportive team will give you information, advice and guidance helping you to get:

  • Regular earnings
  • Work experience & placements
  • Recognised qualifications
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment

NEETS can even be a genuine alternative to school or college.


NEETS is a free service to support young people into their next steps whatever their current situation.

We offer exciting sessions in your area for young adults who are aiming to make a positive change to their lives. We provide relaxed alternative provision, supporting social development and enabling them to start apprenticeships, employment and training through:

  • Employment skills
  • Personal development
  • Experience days

As well as providing information, advice and guidance, the NEETS team liaise directly with your local education authority to evidence each young person’s attendance.