Passionate Commitment

We will undertake to be fully committed to ourselves, all customers and stakeholders.

What People Say About us?


    • Pilot helped ERIKS transfer an in-house training programme and turn it into an ILM apprenticeship. The result has been a highly in-demand, very successful programme. I have found both Pilot and Richard Trubshaw very easy to work with, their communication has always been timely and professional whist still being friendly and approachable.

      One of the things I have liked most about working with them is that they have helped guide me through new processes and procedures with their “can-do” approach - nothing has been too much to ask and they have made my job far smoother. I would definitely recommend Pilot to anyone who is looking for a training provider.

    Apprenticeship Learner:

    • I have never come across people who are willing to take the time to help people in my situation, I thank you all so much” was the comment made by PFG.

      I’m the Ethics & Compliance Officer for a Well-Known British Company (I have no idea what it means either but apparently, it’s a quite important role, lol). Some days I still don’t believe it but one thing I do believe is without your support all those years ago and also the ILM learning I undertook I wouldn’t of ever pushed myself to believe I could do such a high profile role for the company. So, thank you (& Pilot) but mainly you as you may not realise it, but you really were an inspiration to me. I really believe that the guidance (Life & ILM) you gave me has got me to where I am now. You always believed in me and you actively encouraged me to challenge myself and also believe anything is possible.

    Sector Based Work Academy Case Study:

    • Monica referred A* from Selly Oak JCP recommending Manufacturing course delivered by Pilot as an ideal opportunity to refresh job seekers skills at the same time adding value to job search. A* engaged with Manufacturing course which includes a module on Standard operating procedures and flow process. The course is designed to suit a diverse range of candidates, at the same time appealing to employers recognising the worth of a lean process being applied to each role within business. A* has been unemployed since March 2018, with a commitment to undertaking interventions that may lead to successful employment. Mo (Pilot tutor) welcomed A* to manufacturing course, with a promise to support with interviews and to accommodate time scales for gaining qualifications. Pilot deliver courses with minimum of two tutors enabling intense support and dedication to individual tuition and learning, ensuring a timely qualification gained, Improving opportunities for job seekers. A* was supported with interview techniques, arriving on day of interview to gain significant support from tutors and peers from course, showcasing his interview attire for approval! With some last-minute tips, A* set off to interview with the knowledge his classmates were rooting in his corner. Delighted to update that A* secured the role of Engineering technician with Time, start date of January 2019.

      A* quoted|” I was able to stand out from other candidates at interview by showcasing standard operating procedure knowledge and having the confidence to present my ability to apply flow process to the role” Meaningful learning allowed A* to validate his knowledge, exceeding other candidates.

      Thank you to Monica from Selly Oak JCP for recommending and referring candidate to course. Thank you to Mo and Pilot Tutors for reinforcing the end goal (employment)whilst accommodating extra tuition to individual learning, securing qualification and supporting with successful interview techniques/tips. Thank you to fellow course delegates for rooting for A* at the same time offering peer support; Finally thank you to A* for taking the leap of faith to engage with Pilot, embrace learning despite planning his wedding (Congratulations) and feeling somewhat disheartened by the whole job seeking journey. A truly collaborative success that we can celebrate together; New start; New year; New life.

    Stratford College:

    • Pilot supported us to deliver high-quality AEB learning in the West Midlands area to help prepare and motivate learners for life and sustainable employment. We were impressed by the level of expertise and efficiency of the team at Pilot. Our learners received a good induction onto the programme, and the overall achievement and progression rates of learners was high. The Pilot learners had a 90.4% achievement rate and were able to deliver to 110% of the original contracted value, and were fully compliant with providing timely information to us.

    Seetec Outstanding Observation 2019:

    • Professional and discreet team approach to a learner’s behaviour provided swift resolution and enabled the learner in question to quickly return to the classroom and re-engage with the session and prevented disruption to other learners.

      Energetic facilitation of group activity where learners had to recall the 8 wastes by posting on the board ensured all learners were actively participating and contributing in the session.

      Expert use of questioning techniques to encourage learners to explore the answers for themselves created an environment for independent thinking and increased confidence in learners’ own abilities. Skilful exploration of learner’s thought process to address incorrect answer created a learner led discussion that saw learners apply problem-solving and analytical skills to identify the reason the answer was incorrect and agree the correct response.

      Excellent use of analogies and contextualised examples illustrating key theories to the group was engaging for all learners Empowering use of learner’s knowledge and experience to support learning was both effective for learning and confidence-building for the learners as they recognised the value of their own skills Expert delivery provided jointly by two tutors (one roaming and one leading) created a dynamic learning session where all learners were involved, and a sense of team and camaraderie was created Enthusiastic facilitation of group activities by the two tutors not only created a healthy sense of competition but also an opportunity to debate and share concepts; this resulted in excellent practice of professional communication skills for learners.

      Highly effective method of assigning roles within groups during tasks ensured full participation of every learner Prompt addressing of low-level disruption, such as inappropriate language and referral to displayed group agreements ensured that learning was not disrupted at any stage Expert group and time management skills driven through the session by both tutors instilled a realistic working structure and work ethic for learners by ensuring tasks are completed before moving on or taking a break.