Quality & Curriculum Manager

Role Objective

To ensure we adhere to the highest possible standards of quality and compliance, whilst closely monitoring learner progress through the robust and efficient implementation of our quality strategy. To manage, develop, implement and drive forward quality improvements by monitoring and supporting staff performance indicators in line with the Education inspection framework. Overall lead for the internal quality assurance process in accordance with awarding bodies and other regulatory bodies’ standards in order to ensure quality and effectiveness of qualifications attained. Responsible for curriculum development and continuous review across a range of products both funded and commercial.

Accountable for managing and maintain all IQA processes.

Key Responsibilities

· Responsible for the development and management of the internal quality strategy.

· Responsible for ensuring compliance and best practice in line with Awarding and Regulatory bodies.

· Ensure changes in quality standards and procedures are effectively communicated and implemented across the organisation.

· Ensure that the Curriculum in place to meet the “3 I s” Intent, Implementation and Impact in line with the current Education Inspection Framework, to ensure that Pilot’s portfolio of programmes is of high quality, relevance and gives maximum impact to all learners.

· Plan and implement an annual programme of monitoring through audits, observations and sampling the “3 I’s”; Intent, Implementation and Impact in line with the current Education Inspection Framework. Identifying improvements and ensuring best practices, reporting outcomes to SMT and Teams.

· Collate data and information from all departments within the business and produce the annual Self Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

· Monitor, review and evaluate actions within the Quality Improvement Plan and ensure relevant information is communicated with the SMT in a timely manner.

· Reinforce companywide document control procedures, maintaining documentation tracking and version control.

· Manage relevant surveys, carrying out benchmarking and analysis to develop actions plans to drive continuous improvement.

· Work with the Head of HR to ensure members of Staff are kept up to date with the latest requirements for training delivery across the suite of products .

· To work closely with all teams to ensure the communication in respect of the internal quality process is effective and robust

· Support Staff during probation and with Staff on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

· Act as nominee for the organisation of external inspections including Ofsted, Matrix; reporting outcomes to SMT and Staff.

· Act as the main point of contact for Awarding Organisations and Quality Standards and maintain systems, organise and host visits.

· To deal with action points from External Quality Assurance visits

· Work with Head of HR to ensure all staff hold appropriate teaching and assessment Awards/Certificate and provide advice and guidance for Staff completing teaching qualifications.

· Work with Head of HR to ensure organisation compliance with CPD requirements.

Key Performance Indicators

· Achievement of monthly sampling and observations plans

· Monitoring learner progress and achievement as per completions targets in line with company set overall and timely success rate.

· Achievement of minimum of Good grading from Ofsted

· Maintaining Matrix Standard and DCS for Qualifications.

Knowledge, Skills & Expertise

· Good influencing and motivational skills with the ability to build and maintain effective relationships

· The ability to plan effectively and prioritise conflicting demands and be able to work under pressure and to set targets

· The ability to work on own initiative and under pressure, to tight deadlines

· Demonstrate drive and energy, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks

· Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative team style

· Displaying strong motivational, customer service and organisational skills

· A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards in a diverse workplace

· Strong communication, presentation and IT skills with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite

· Excellent attention to detail

· Keeping up to date with the developments in teaching, assessing practice, ICT, awarding body/SFA requirements and specialist subject areas.

· Keeping up to date with sectors industry trends and development.

Salary: £38,000.00-£40,000.00 per year